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Vanicia Arreguin entered the RealEstate profession back in 2016 and continues in pursuit to impact and invest in the lives of others. 


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6 steps to purchasing a home

Step1: Take Care of Your Landscape

One of the first things you should add to your getting your house ready checklist is the exterior. Some of the first things buyers are going to notice as they pull up to your house are the landscape – lawn, plants, flowerbeds, etc.

Step 2: Remove Clutter

One of the most cost-effective home selling tips is to make your home clutter-free! You want to maximize the perceived space in the home. The more clutter, the more uncomfortable things will feel.

Step 3: Paint Your Interior If It Needs It

Dark, dreary colors can shrink the perception of space. Old, stained paint makes rooms look decrepit. By painting with contemporary colors and ideally with a little insight from a knowledgeable Real Estate agent or interior designer, you can change the whole feel of your home.

Step 4: Consider Professional Cleaning

A clean home is inviting to buyers, whereas a dirty home can turn them away faster than just about anything. The easiest way to know your home is spotless and looking its best is to hire a professional cleaning company.

Step 5: Address All Odors

The smell is powerful and can easily drive someone away from buying your home. However, you may not even realize the smells are there.

Step 6: Get Organized

The people that are looking at your home are going to open every door, including closets and the garage.

let's find your

dream home

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